A product liability lawyer in San Diego, Melinda J. Helbock has a strong record of success and can help you pursue just compensation.

Product Liability Lawyer for San Diego

A product liability lawyer serving San Diego residents, Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. has an impressive record of favorable verdicts and settlements when it comes to helping consumers injured or harmed by dangerous or defective products recover the compensation they deserve. As consumers, it is natural that we trust that the products we purchase are safe to use, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Every day, Americans are harmed by products they thought were safe, including medical devices, toys, auto parts, medications, and other goods. When this happens, Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. is the product liability lawyer San Diego residents trust to help them achieve justice.

Product Liability Lawsuits

When a product is unsafe and causes harm to a consumer or user of that product, that individual can file a product liability lawsuit in pursuit of financial compensation or his or her damages. When it comes to product liability lawsuits, there are three main categories:


Any party involved in the introduction of a product into the marketplace has an explicit duty to ensure that the product is safe. This includes, designers, manufacturers, distributors, marketers, and vendors, as well as the party responsible for warning consumers of any dangers that may be associated with a product. If a person or company is found to be negligent in this duty to consumers, there may be grounds for a product liability lawsuit.

Strict Liability

In product liability lawsuits based on claims of negligence, it is necessary to prove that a person or company acted unreasonably. However, in a strict liability case, it is only necessary to prove that the product in question is unsafe or defective and that it caused harm to the plaintiff(s), regardless of any intent or fault.

Breach of Warranty

Any time a person or company can be found to have violated their own guarantee, a breach of warranty product liability lawsuit claim may arise. Breach of warranty claims apply to both express guarantees (like a guarantee that a product is safe) as well as implicit promises that lead a consumer to assume a product is safe to use.

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If you or someone you love has suffered injury or even wrongful death as a result of a product that you believe was dangerous or defective, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, and additional possible damages. For your product liability lawsuit to be successful, you need the support of an experienced lawyer who has the resources and knowledge necessary to build a strong claim. To learn more about your rights and how this highly respected product liability lawyer in San Diego can make sure they are protected, contact Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. to schedule a free case evaluation.