As a spinal cord injury lawyer in San Diego, Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. can help recover compensation to help offset the cost of care and alleviate financial burdens.

Spinal Injury Lawyer for San Diego

A spinal cord injury lawyer serving San Diego residents for more than two decades, Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. understands the catastrophic effects this type of injury can have on patients as well as on their families. In just an instant, a spinal cord injury can cause paralysis or other serious injuries that often necessitate a lifetime of costly medical and personal care. When residents of San Diego suffer a spinal cord injury in an accident or as a result of a personal injury situation, they trust Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. to hold responsible parties accountable and help them recover the full compensation to which they are entitled.

Spinal Cord Injuries: Common Causes

Representing people who have suffered a spinal cord injury in the San Diego area for many years, Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. has supported plaintiffs who injured their spines in a broad range of manners. Among the most common causes of spinal cord injuries are:

  • By far, the most common cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States is auto accidents, which account for up to 40% of all spinal injuries in this country.
  • Studies have shown that in up to one-quarter (25%) of all spinal injuries, alcohol use is involved.
  • Most elderly people who suffer a spinal injury do so in a fall. On the whole, up to 25% of all spinal cord injuries are caused by falls.
  • Roughly 8% of spinal cord injuries are suffered while playing sports or engaging in other recreational activities.
  • The National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke reports that violent assaults with a gun or a knife account for up to 15% of spinal cord injuries.

If you believe someone you know has injured his or her spinal cord, it is vital that you get immediate medical help, as early intervention can have a significant impact on that person’s health. Also, when at all possible, do not move the injured person. This could cause further damage to the spinal cord which may be irreversible.

Spinal Cord Injury Consequences

Spinal cord injuries can have catastrophic consequences for patients that often last a lifetime and may include:

  • Paraplegia: paralysis of the lower parts of the body
  • Quadriplegia: paralysis of all four limbs
  • Respiratory and breathing problems
  • Difficulty regulating body temperature
  • Incontinence
  • Loss of sexual function
  • Nerve damage
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    Spinal cord injuries can dramatically change the lives of victims and their families in a matter of seconds. Serving spinal cord injury patients in San Diego, Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. knows that it’s impossible to make up for a patient’s compromised health or altered lifestyle. However, she also knows that in the United States the average cost of medical in just the first year after a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia is roughly $283,000, and even after that the cost of medication, therapy, and personal care can be staggering. Financial compensation recovered in a spinal cord injury lawsuit can help ensure that patients get the very best care in the future and can help alleviate many of the financial burdens these patients and their families suffer. If you or someone you love has suffered a spinal cord injury in the San Diego area and you would like to learn more about your potential right to compensation, contact Melinda J. Helbock, A.P.C. to schedule a free case evaluation.