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Trucking Accidents and Negligence

Truck drivers are usually in a hurry to meet deadlines and get to their next destination. Because of this, they may drive recklessly or continue driving for long stretches without obtaining adequate rest. When companies push their drivers to meet unrealistic deadlines, accidents can occur.

The following are examples of negligence that can result serious injuries or death:

  • Driver fatigue caused by a failure to get proper rest
  • Driver distraction such as texting or talking on a hand held phone
  • Speeding or driving recklessly to meet deadlines
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Improper loading such as an unbalanced load that causes the truck to tip over
  • Improper selection of truck drivers and companies (often times shipping companies fail to do a background check on the company or driver they choose to ship their products)
  • Improper training of truck drivers
  • Employers pushing truck drivers to meet unrealistic delivery deadlines, causing the driver to rush

Truck drivers and the companies that hire them aren’t the only parties that can be found negligent in trucking accident claims. For example, manufacturing companies that make parts for the trucks can be found negligent for design and manufacturing errors that lead to equipment failures such as tire blowouts brake failures. Repair shops can also be found negligent for a failure to properly maintain brakes, tires or other parts. The FMSCA requires truck companies and drivers to conduct regular maintenance and repairs on their trucks. So, there is no excuse for mechanical errors such as bald tires.

Trucking Accident Lawsuits

Due to the sheer size of semis, trucking accidents are usually much more devastating than those involving passenger vehicles. Drivers and passengers of other vehicles may suffer severe crushing injuries, burns, amputations or even death when they collide with 18 wheelers.

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